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Gareth Clark Update

"things didn’t work out the way I expected with the newest member of staff..... "

All change......

Hello again, well it’s been an exciting, if not a very busy, few weeks,

lots going on and a few changes too.

It was great to see ‘Modern Barber’ put in print some of the images I

got involved with back last year for the BBA, reminding me just how

much of a brilliant day it was , hanging out with one of my best

barbering buddies, finally cutting hair side by side, in Mayfair,

London, in a couple of really cool barbershops, cool models with

completely different looks, dressed looking super smart and very

cool, so the whole day was, I suppose, COOL!!

Did i mention the fact that the photographer was Mr Tim Collins, the

man you guys can win a chance of working with if you enter The Hall

Of Fame competition, currently running every month by the BBA, got

to be done, he is one guy who really knows what he is doing,

The salon is as busy as ever, loads of good stuff being created, staff

still challenging themselves, always looking forward in a positive way,

however things didn’t work out the way I expected with the newest

member of staff, a little frustrating how someone can come in and

within the first couple of weeks create a great impression and then

suddenly turn it around, in the wrong way, to be someone really not

compatible with the rest of the team, there is no point in having a

bad apple in the orchard. So, now we are on the lookout for

someone else, do I bite the bullet again? Or start a fresh with a

youngster and grow them into what I need? Decisions???

It’s that time of year again when Britain’s Best Shave is underway

again, I was very honoured to be asked back again to help judge the

preliminary heats, so a little trip to the seaside, well Poole actually,

to see Mike Taylor and begin the process of elimination. It was a

great day, one for a catch-up with mike, but secondly, and most

importantly observing, judging and overseeing some great shave


As some of you may be aware, I’ve made the decision to stop my

involvement with Hairbond, it was just a case of trying to juggle too

many things at once, I needed to concentrate on the things most

important to my every day process in and around our own salon, the

barber council is something I totally believe in, but something had to

give. Hairbond has given me the opportunity to meet some great

people, most of which I still see as my friends, the chance to push

myself, on stage and with photo shoots too, I would like to thank

Hairbond for this opportunity, I’m still a believer in the brand and

wish them all the best in the future.

Only the other day I got sent my video we shot back last year, below

is the final cut, have a look and see what you think.

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