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ERIK LANDER - Blog Update

New York, Chicago, London & Dubai

Hi Guys, Me again, I hope all is good in your world.

Well it's been a busy time this last couple of months for me, feel like
I'm never at home. As the wife reminds me all the time.

So this month has seen the last session of the latest Level 4 Male
Grooming course at Lowestoft College, we still have to assess and
internally verify the portfolios but from what I have seen so far, this
has been one of the best groups of delegates we have had complete the

Don't want to sound like I'm preaching but the main reason for this was
how organised everyone was, you can't believe the difference it makes to
be on top of everything and not to procrastinate. It's all about planning,
planning and more planning.

Part of the course is to produce a Male style collection and what they
produced was amazing, everyone has really excelled and put everything into
their work. It definitely shows.
March saw me rack up another 23,000 air miles from my shows in New York &
Chicago, I did the New York show last year but this was my first time in
Chicago, what a city. Salon International in London is a fairly big show
but the Chicago show was massive, and I mean massive.
I was there with Sensei Shears educating the crowds on the latest
technology in ergonomic scissors and seamless thinners, as well as how a
haircut works. I have to say, the UK are streets ahead in the
understanding of this.

New York is New York, those who have been know what I'm saying, the best
thing is someone else pays me to go. #lovemyjob

I got 3 days off in Chicago and we went out. OUT OUT, lol. Went to a place
called "Howl at the moon" it was ace, felt like I was on Spring Break with
Chad Hogan, lol. Enough said about that.

Chicago is the home of the blues, if you love Blues music "Kingston Mines
Blues Club" is a must for you.
Again another late drunken night to remember, glad I had pictures, lol,
late nights and fragile mornings.

Home for a week then off on holiday for two weeks with 11 friends in a
beautiful villa. Ah bliss. Still took my laptop to do a bit of work, much
to my wife's dismay and annoyance.

Last week we shot the first in a series of 25 education videos we have
planned for this year with Sensei. Can't really say to much at the moment
but keep your eye out for them in the next few months.

So, as the train I'm on comes to my stop I've just enough time to tell you
about my next blog content. Dubai Baby!!!!!!! Off to Dubai this Friday
with the BBA to start our international exhibition tour, this I can't wait
Promoting proper British Barbering at its best, get to work with great
friends, Trevor Studd (think that's his porn name lol) Chris Foster, Gary
Machin and Jack Pullen Robinson.

So until I'm back in the country. Later Dudes.
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