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REMEMBER, When you travel - Stay Classy Britain

Hi Guys, Me again, I hope you are all well and are in the festive spirit.

So this is the last blog of the year and what a year it’s been.

I have had the pleasure of delivering the Level 4 Male Grooming qualification for Habia, it’s the best feeling in the world to see the delegates achieve their goals and take their skills to the next level.

This year has been my 16th year being a Goldwell ambassador delivering their Classic men’s course both in the London Academy and on the road.

As well as delivering training all over the UK I was humbled to be given the opportunity to teach in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Orlando, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Dubai, but the highlight of my year was demonstrating at Intercoiffure in the Waldof Astoria in New York.

I have loved every minute of it but its not all plain sailing; trust me, being on the road this much has its downfalls.

Here’s an overview of the itinerary for the last tour of Canada and New York I did with Chris Foster and the BBA.

Oct 1st - Travel Day London to Vancouver, 10 hours

Oct 2nd - Day Prep 10-6pm, An Evening with Extraordinary Gentlemen - Vancouver 3 hours show 7-10pm• Erik and Chris to headline event 
• 200 people in attendance

Oct 3rd - Creative Men’s Grooming Workshop 9-6pm- Vancouver
• Erik and Chris facilitate a morning Look&Learn with a hands on workshop in the afternoon
• 20 hands on / 50 Look&Learn, Fly to Edmonton, arrive hotel 3am

Oct 4th - Day Prep 10-6pm/ An Evening with Extraordinary Gentlemen - Edmonton
3 hour show 7-10pm• 200 people in attendance, hotel for 12pm

Oct 5th – leave at 3am flight to Toronto, Day Prep 10-6pm/ An Evening with Extraordinary Gentlemen - Toronto
3 hour show 7-10pm, 200 people in attendance

Oct 6th - PR Day - Toronto
• Meet with Salon Magazine, Canadian Hairdresser

Oct 7th - OFF Day Toronto, Fly to NYC

Oct 8th - Male Casting Call• Set up and Prep for NYC Intercoiffure 9-5pm 
• Rehearsals 6-7pm • Network evening event 8-12am

Oct 9th – NYC Intercoiffure, 5am model prep, 7am dress rehearsal, 
• 20 Minute presentation Sunday 4pm 
• Network in Manufacturers room at BBA table • Network evening event 8-12am

Oct 10th - NYC Intercoiffure
• Network in Manufacturers room at BBA table • Teardown
• fight back to UK, 9pm arrive 7am next day.

This was one of the best tours I've had the pleasure to be part of but as you can imagine; we were all broken by the time we got home.

Day off Tuesday then in the salon 9-9 Wed, Thurs, Friday then BOOM, Salon International Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Thankfully I have the most understanding wife in the world. As they say behind every good man is an even better woman.

So this year has been the most amazing year ever and I just want to say a massive Thank You, to everyone who has been there along the way, whom I have worked with, drank with and most of all laughed with.

A special thanks goes out to the BBA who have given me the opportunity to be part of something that I know is going to be very special next year and cant wait to get on the road again next year and do it all again.

Here’s a peak of what’s to come next year and where we have already got booked to share the craft:

LA, Edmonton, Dallas, Vancouver, New York, Chicago, Miami, Intercoiffure Florida, Mumbai and Dubai, that’s just the first 6 months of the year.

The wife is going to kill me when I tell her. Lol.

That’s it for now peeps.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year and ill be back in the new year to drone on a bit more.

Stay Classy Britain.

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