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​Blog introduction –Hannah Grigg - Educator & Director at the BBA - BarberShop owner

I have been a barber for over a decade now, I'm a Director at the BBA and own four Barbershops in the Hampshire & Dorset Area. I have recently got married in Italy to my amazing husband Matt and have beautiful beagle dog called Hugo

Hi, my name is Hannah Grigg.

I have been a barber for over a decade now. I still have lots to learn but lots to share as well. I am one of very few barbers which has just come from a barbering background what I mean by this is I didn’t study hairdressing before coming in to a barbering environment.

I began my barbering career at my local college in Basingstoke in 2005. This is the year the NVQ Barbering qualification first came out. We were a very small group of only four. My lecture at the time was Mike Taylor who is now my business partner.

I never set out to be a barber or even really knew much about barbering if I’m honest. I wanted to be a firefighter slightly different path you might say. After a careers meeting at school and being told “ your female how would you save a fully grown man from a blazing fire and woman don’t really get into the fire brigade do they?” I decided to go along to the local college and enrolled on the hair and beauty course conveniently the one all my friends had joined as well.

On our first day we all went into the lunch hall and was asked if anyone would like to change there mind and join the new barbering group. I wouldn’t say I’m the loudest person in a room and certainly don’t like being centre of attention I stood up and said I would! The start of my barbering journey began.

After completing my NVQ and leaving college, I worked in a local, very busy barbershop, which gave me the confidence in my cutting and I soon started to grow a clientele. By time I was 18 I was managing this barbershop and I knew I wanted to progress in my abilities and own my own shop. So, before my 21st birthday I bought in to my first shop, Taylor Made Men’s Grooming in Basingstoke. This is now a very successful barbershop and I have a great team around me.

I now have 4 shops across the Hampshire and Dorset area. I also have taught in the Basingstoke College and Delivered NVQ qualifications from our training academy.

I am also a director of the BBA, we have all worked so tirelessly on this for many years now and each year we continue to grown, learn, educate and move this industry a litter closer to where it should be.

So who is Hannah Grigg other than a barber? I have recently got married in Italy to my amazing husband Matt and have beautiful beagle dog called Hugo, I’m currently studying my hairdressing NVQ and am working towards my TAQA. I love to travel and go to different places as much as the bank account will allow.

Hope you get to know me as my blog progresses.

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