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Blog Introduction - Gareth Clark - BarberShop Owner & Member of Hairbond Artistic team

Im a Member of the the Hairbond artistic team, BBA, the newly formed Barber Council, qualified assessor and teacher for barbering and most importantly a day to day barber still working behind the chair.

Hey there, my name is Gareth Clark from Gareth Clark Hair for Men Ltd in sunny Oxfordshire.

I’m also member of the BBA, the newly formed Barber Council, the Hairbond artistic team, qualified assessor and teacher for barbering and most importantly a day to day barber still working behind the chair.

I’ve been in the industry since the tender age of 16, after being told to get a job by my father, who was also a barber, reluctantly deciding to take my career in the same barbershop as him, at the time I thought it was best to keep him quiet and then decide what I really wanted to do with myself, but after a short while I realised that barbering was where I wanted to be and the fact that I was going to be one of the only two lads signed up for a college course full of girls, happy days ahead.

I trained with day release to the local college covering unisex hairdressing, this really wasn’t what I wanted, so I was then offered one of those old school apprenticeship at the barbers, four years later I became a qualified barber and ready to take on the world.

I gained further experience of barbering in other salons around Oxfordshire, but in the back of my mind I always knew that I wanted to be in control of what I do and wanted to try and make a difference to the shabby persona of the barbershop image. This resulted with the beginning of Gareth Clark Hair For Men, finally my dream was beginning.
We’ve been operating our family run salon since 2003, been through difficult times with staffing etc, but are now going from strength to strength and building a bright future for all involved.

I’m now actively involved with the local training provider and helping with assessing and teaching, not only the future barbers but also the assessors teaching the future barbers, this is something I’ve found I really enjoy doing, getting a real buzz by spreading my knowledge and helping the new generation of our beloved trade.

I’ve also been lucky enough to get involved with the product company ‘Hairbond’ and their artistic team, giving me the chance to showcase what I do and believe in.
But, I think one of my biggest opportunities has been the chance to become a member of the barber council, a real chance to make a difference, a chance to put in place regulations to monitor this beloved trade we are all in, we all need to stand together, believe in what we do and support each other.

Right that’s it, your probably all asleep now, until next time, happy barbering…..

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