The British Barbers Association (BBA) is the leading association for the barbering industry in the UK.

Supporting barbers, male grooming salons and men's hairdressers across the country, the BBA works with government-appointed
organisations and agencies to ensure the development of high-quality training and qualifications.

Mission Statement

The British Barbers' Association (BBA) is the voice of barbers, male grooming salons and men's hairdressers, and works with government departments, sector skills councils and trailblazers to shape the future of the industry, education and training. We represent our member’s voices, bringing together like-minded professionals dedicated to continual development and high standards to ensure the barbering industry is 'BBA - better beyond all'.

Vision Statement

The BBA represents all sectors of the barbering industry and is recognised by the wider sector as the 'go to; authority for barbers, trainers, learners, manufacturers and other industry stakeholders. We will continually research latest trends, issues and requirements and communicate with our members to ensure that the barbering industry is shaped by barbers, for barbers, and we achieve and maintain the highest standards and levels of professionalism.

Raising standards & Accreditation
Raising standards & Accreditation

As part of our mission to raise standards, the BBA works directly with Habia – the government appointed standards setting body and industry authority for hair and beauty industry – to develop the very foundation of barbering qualifications. We are the only barbering association to sit on the Habia forums and working groups that develop the National Occupational Standards (NOS), the criteria upon which all NVQs, SVQs and Apprenticeships in barbering are based.

Through these forums and working groups, the BBA is able to influence the development and future direction of all standards and qualifications in the barbering sector, ensuring the views of our members are heard so that training reflects the requirements of employers and learners. Habia also sits on the BBA's forums in order to understand more on the views of our members and so that their current projects are meeting the needs of the barbering industry.

Being present in these platforms in this ever changing Industry it allows us to continue to grow and strengthen our Accreditation program

State Registration
State Registration

To make sure that barbers receive deserved recognition for their professionalism, the BBA has worked with the Hairdressing Council so that people in our industry can become State Registered. Backed by an Act of Parliament, State Registration is a government-recognised mark based on qualifications and experience. Previously only available to hairdressers, the BBA campaigned to have barbering recognised as two separate categories – State Registered Barber and State Registered Senior Barber. Thanks to our efforts with the Hairdressing Council, the government has now agreed to this change – a huge vote of confidence in the barbering industry. The Hairdressing Council has also agreed to accept 'grandfather rights', meaning that those who don't have formal qualifications but have been barbering for over six years on the shop floor can use their experience to achieve State Registration. This experience can be proven through an accredited BBA certificate. The BBA will also be supporting the Hairdressing Council in its campaign to have State Registration of both hairdressers and barbers made mandatory, so that standards are maintained and only those with the qualifications and experience can operate. Thanks to this partnership and the efforts of the BBA, barbers can now receive a State Registered certificate (with the BBA logo on it), free promotion on the Hairdressing Council website, offers and discounts on things like insurance, the chance to become a 'Master Craftsman' and the right use 'SRB' (State Registered Barber) after your name.

Code of Practise - Barbering Services
Code of Practise - Barbering Services



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